Standouts in the cast include . . . and the aptly over-the-top Anthony Simone as activist/drag queen Nicole Murray-Ramirez
— Pat Launer - San Diego News Network
Anthony Simone harmonize amusingly on ‘Art for Art’s Sake’
— Don Braunagel - San Diego Magazine
Distinct, powerful and nuanced performance [from JOHN] Anthony Simone as the brash, bitter, newly freed slave anxious to throw off his shackles and previous groveling to white society.
— Patti Roberts News Review
Anthony Simone portrays a troubled Rock with a light touch that still endears him to the audience.
— Paola Hornbuckle - For News Blaz
Simone’s dynamic, unpredictable John has a welcome edge, [and] his response to the suddenly unlimited existence in front of him gives the play its life.
— Marcus Crowder The Bee
Dear Harvey is anchored by Anthony Simone sparkling portrayal of local drag queen Nicole Murray-Ramirez.
— Jean Lowerison - GLT
It’s more than obvious that Anthony Simone is overjoyed with taking on Snoopy’s persona as his own.
— RUTH LEPPER - From the North County Times